It Cost’s What??!!!

Medications after 50 cost way to much!

I know that I am not as young as I used to be, but how come medication has to cost so much that you can’t afford to pay for anything else. We need a single payer tax plan that covers EVERYTHING and nothing is out of pocket.

When I first got Myrbetriq, it cost $100.00 per month on Tufts Health Plan. If you do out the math that’s $1200.00 dollars per year. Doesn’t seem like much but add up all your medications doctors visits extra medications for things like bladder infections and voila you have spent nearly $3000.00 plus on health care or more. Ridiculous, right, yes.

Yet millions of Americans are OK with this because they don’t want to pay extra for a single payer health program. They give reasons like there will be no choice. Lack of appointments, can’t get what I want when I want it. Guess what people… you can’t get that now. Hello, have you know understanding that the medical profession and all the big pharma companies put that up on social media because THEY will lose money. The more people you have to bargain with, the more you get. That’s why big wigs don’t like unions. They get what they want because they are a bargaining unit. Why shouldn’t we form the biggest union yet and get FREE health care.

It would be so much better than what we have. You say you have no choice, here’s how we blow that myth up. You don’t really have choices now. You’re health plan dictates what doctors you can go to. If they are not in your plan you pay extra for them. Is that really choice? Think about it. Your health plan tells you that you can’t see a doctor and if you do you have to pay for the whole thing.

You can have what you want when you want it, REALLY… yet you can’t have an MRI when you want one, you have to jump through hoops before the insurance company will even consider covering a portion, a very small portion of an MRI test. I had to pay $950 dollars AFTER insurance. That’s ridiculous.

It’s time to face facts. Big Pharma is there to get rich off the back of sick people. It’s time to put that into perspective that even they can get. If you cause harm to another buy how much you charge and they die you should be held accountable and even go to jail for causing either directly or indirectly a persons death. I think it’s high time they face the music.

Hey Big Pharma, you know what they say…Orange is the new black.