I keep hearing stories of people getting into massive amounts of debt with degrees that they can’t do anything with. STOP the insanity. Go to Job Corps! I recently took a post at Shriver Job Corps in Devens, MA where I am the new Office Administration Trade Instructor.

What makes job corps better than college? It pays you a small stipend, it doesn’t cost you a dime to make you live in your parents house forever, and it guarantees you a job after you finish your trade. …

Medications after 50 cost way to much!

I know that I am not as young as I used to be, but how come medication has to cost so much that you can’t afford to pay for anything else. We need a single payer tax plan that covers EVERYTHING and nothing is out of pocket.

When I first got Myrbetriq, it cost $100.00 per month on Tufts Health Plan. If you do out the math that’s $1200.00 dollars per year. Doesn’t seem like much but add up all your medications doctors visits extra medications for things like bladder infections and voila…

Angie Lutton

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